Translation review: [Nutbladder] Hidamari Sketch × Honeycomb 01

The first to release the new Hidamari Sketch were Nutbladder.

Talk about localizing… Not that I mind. (Though I’d rather just put “my Mom’s cooking”…)

The opening translation’s nice. No karaoke.

I don’t know where that “eavesdropping” came from. It’s either a mistranslation of 聞き込み調査 (kikikomi chousa) or an intentional joke.

“We talked about the plans for our group.”

Pun lost. Though I won’t blame them, it’s a tough one.

Omurice (オムライス rice-omelette) in a script this liberal and localized feels really off.

No ending translation.

Conclusion: Okay

Whoa. The script of this episode is constantly on the line between very liberal and wrong. Especially in the first few minutes, there are a bunch of lines that cross that line too. I like it otherwise, but still, it’s a bit too liberal… I can feel that the translator really knows what’s going on, and I really have a hard time deciding if this should be “okay” or “great”, but still, it’s a bit too liberal…

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