Who we are


EditorUseless at sage.


Translator at many groups.


Editor, timer, typesetter at Commie, gg and Nutbladder.


Translator at Commie.


Translator at more groups than it is convenient to list.


Editor, timer, typesetter at lots of groups.

26 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. the site is good.. I hope there will be no partiality in your reviews…so far so good..keep it up..

  2. >Commie

    Why don’t you go ahead and make this even faggier by getting Daiz and Kusion.

  3. can you guys do some reviews for to love-ru trouble darkness? 😀 it seems like pomf and shi0n are the groups I like for it

      • :O is that so, well I spotted some mistakes on pomf, oh well no one’s perfect, actually nice translations from pomf and shi0n, Idk about commie though

          • 🙂 I don’t know but on one line on episode two where Nana is talking about momo being like an innocent girl, then the next line was about Momo pretending to be like an innocent cat, but actually on pomf the line was mistranslated, anyways, it was still great 😀 since I’ve been loving pomf’s translations, also shi0n’s on tlrd

  4. So pretty much the worst of each fansub (specially shitty ones like Commie, gg and Nutbladder) are trying to make their own reviews site?

    I can’t miss this shit taste carnival.

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