Translation review: [Eveyuu] No Game No Life 02

That sure took you long enough.

The start

I can’t help but feel that the tone of the very first line is already way off.

The knights who say...

We’re the knights who say n— I mean, no. She calls him just nii (as in the beloved oniichan), the second ni is a (insert correct grammar phrase here – maybe conjunction?). 


Either a word was accidentally here or someone just tried to be more informal than necessary.


This line is pretty damn great though.


I’m surprised they didn’t even try to match the karaoke to the credits’ style. It doesn’t look bad, just unexpected.


Considering she wants to ask them questions (about how her opponent cheated etc), “no questions asked” is a bit unlucky of a pick.


Is the encode broken or is it just me?


But she hadn’t. Instead: “Had you realized…” or “If you’d realized…”


Why? Just why? He told her to fall in love with him, that (and all that follows) isn’t “ulterior” in no way. Why not just go with what everyone else used, “lost to your desires”?


You mean not ending questions with question marks? Hypothetical questions are questions too.


“Important” isn’t the best pick here, neither is it a good idea to suddenly move Sora’s line to the top and put Shiro’s in the bottom in its stead.


Is it really that hard to make a rhyme on tits?


“Steam” was used before, why “fog” suddenly? (Also, cool typeset.)


The point is that it’s because of their excellence at magic that they could expand so far.


If you check the original material, it’s 獣人種, “beast men”, so “werebeasts” would be the good word here. However, the names of races are twisted a little (see humanity as imanity, sirens as serens (who she mentions next too), vampires as dampires), so “werebeast” should be twisted in some way like that too (going “verebeast” for example).


Eveyuu were the only group who bothered to conjugate “imanity”, something I appreciate.


Done with what? Well, learning the language of course. As she clearly says too. “I’ve learnt it.”


The translation of Sora’s line here is just so damn confusing. I understand how they got to it, but even then I couldn’t shake off the feeling that this could mean something totally different too. (Unnecessarily complicated.) Not to mention right here he’s not even referring to Steph’s love for her world, but to her wish to prove her grandfather right. (Just wrong.) These two lines aren’t referring to the same thing.


It’s not just “someone”, as at this point he’s probably figured out what’s going on. Not to mention he and Steph are “someones” too, yet the country wouldn’t fall the moment of their coronation. “It’s over once the next king gets crowned.”

Happy Meal

I didn’t realize “happy” and “having fun” mean the same thing. Oh wait.


Won’t even bother matching the line to the typeset?

Conclusion: ugh.

Accuracy: 6/10; Flow: 6/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

This release just didn’t feel right. Most of the translation is fine, but then there are the mistakes. Mistakes that aren’t always even outright mistakes, more like just stuff that aren’t wrong, just bad, confusing, over-complicated stuff. It’s like someone was trying really hard with characterization, and while leaving most of the script just average, he’d go way overboard at times. I won’t say this release is so bad you should avoid it, because it’s not, but there are definitely better others out there.

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