Typesetting review: Phi Brain S2 (updated)

Phi Brain S2 typesetting review

Groups: SubDESU, WhyNot


wat. Why does this not have any blur?

Cool Story Bro.

Starts late.

Sign should be darker, no blur.

It also goes on for too long.

Starts like 4 frames late.

There is nothing good about this.


At least the font is good?

Yeah, no. The axis of rotation for the sign is through the middle but for the typesetting it’s the bottom. This is easily fixed by using an4, an5 or an6. The font color is too light and there’s no blur. The font is also far too skinny.

I see WhyNot has been taking typesetting tips from SubDESU.


SubDESU: D+. The show doesn’t even really have signs yet they still failed.

WhyNot: C-. I don’t really know if the extra sign they did is important to the plot, but it’s better than nothing.

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2 thoughts on “Typesetting review: Phi Brain S2 (updated)

  1. Protip: subdesu stole those typesets from whynot in the first place. Just check the s1 releases.

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