Translation review: [gg] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures 01

Next up is gg. Sindalf’s been going on for days about how I should watch the release and learn from it, so I have high expectations.

Nope. 身なり (minari) means clothing. He’s saying he’s dressed as luxuriously as fit for a nobleman.

Noble? You mean valuable?

Missing sign.

Huh? Wouldn’t just “Take care” suffice?

So now that Nutbladder tuned down their liberal for Jojo, gg does it in their stead? (He’s literally saying “Can’t you hear me?”)

Mate, that’s so British.

Again, going a bit too far. “How could he grab me after taking that kick?!”

The ending’s subbed too.

Conclusion: Great

There are a few mistakes and a bunch of lines that are going too far with being liberal (without much of a reason). On the other hand, they tried giving the script a very British feel – though I can’t judge if they used the Britishisms properly. It’s definitely not the best release out there, but a safe choice still.

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