Typesetting review: Haiyore! Nyarlko (updated)

Nyarlko S3 typesetting review

Groups:Underwater-rori, Commie, Ahodomo


This is supposed to be a capital I but it looks like an L.

Use blur not be when it’s this high (5).

The rest is fine though.

Good but I’m pretty sure the sign should still be visible at the end.

It’s okay, I didn’t want to read the bottom part of the typesetting anyway. Also dat blur.

This should have a border with a brown-ish color.

These are good.

Not sure why the fonts are perfectly round instead of more like handwriting.

That’s one way to do it I guess. The font needs blur, also.

Fonts suck.


(not me)

This should probably be clipped behind the stars as well.

I think the color might be slightly off. It’s hard to tell.

These are all good.

I like this placement better because the dialogue has no chance of overlapping. Also, blur on the font looks nice.

I think unanimated can be considered legally insane for doing this sign.

This would probably look better if the border had less blur and/or was thicker.


I wish this was masked because it doesn’t look as good without a gradient.

This is good.

Yeah, I like this font choice a bit better.

Yeah, I like how this is done much more. Also, the font being blurred makes it look better as well.

Yeah, this sign should have 2 parts (maiden at the top and chaos at the bottom). It’s good, though.


I think it overlaps with the karaoke or something at the beginning. No blur and “Haiyore!” is the wrong color. I like how the letters are all at different angles though.

This needs to be 2 layers. Also the colors are wrong (and so are the rest). Protip: typeset to bt.601 and don’t use fucking Aegisub 2.1.8.

Blur please.

Should be 2 layers.

Blur please.

Not even close

Blur please.

For some reason it moves down a bit while it changes color.



This part is fine.


Underwater-rori: B+. Mostly good but some signs could be improved, especially with blur. Title signs are missing.

Commie: A-. Not much to improve here.

Ahodomo: B-. Wrong colorspace and lack of blur sucks. Not sorted by time.

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