Translation review: [CR] Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 01

To be honest, this art totally caught me off guard.

I appreciate they translated sensei as they did.

I really like it how the primitive people really speak primitive.

Too bad CR doesn’t translate songs, because this one is really nice.

I don’t really care if they don’t do typesetting properly, but at least keep it separate from the dialog. This way it’s confusing as hell.

The absurdity of the whole situation comes through really well. A brutal way to die? Who cares, I want my sweets now!

The point is that people are so stupid they can’t even eat canned food.

They are insanely blunt and rude. The English gets that through quite well.

It’s called consumer culture or consumerism.

This line is a monster as well.

You have no idea just how well this applies to Japan.

The previous lines are more relevant, but I just had to use this screenshot. They could’ve used better phrasing to emphasize her change in speech, but I guess that’s just too much to expect.

I take it “present-human” is the politically correct word for “fairy”.

This robot speaks in an insanely… goofy way. It doesn’t really get through though.

It’s worth getting a CR edit group’s version just for the songs.

Conclusion: Great

It’s good. The script is quite simple so it’s not a big surprise, but from people getting paid to sub I’d expect better. In the first half the English reflects the Japanese tone perfectly but then I think they just got tired of it. Too bad. I’d still call it great for a fansub.

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