Script Review: [HorribleSubs] Chitose Get You! – 01

At least it’s short.

+ Honorifics

– Name order is not applicable

– No ending translation

If I had to localize onii-chan, I’d change it to “my love” in this situation. It carries the same meaning as her screaming “Onii-chan!” as they’re pulled apart. Still, there’s nothing wrong with the original. This show is so short that I have to find stuff to talk about.

Stupid and unrealistic thing to say. Maybe “little missy” would be acceptable, but not “little miss.” Crunchyroll could’ve used “little girl,” “miss,” or anything else to refer to the main girl.

I’m not sure why there’s an em-dash here. She says everything she wants to say before the teacher grabs her, so there might as well be an exclamation mark.

What I liked:

The dialogue was quick and snappy to match the characters. When a show is only three minutes, though, there’s not a lot to say. Basically, if you prefer less localized subs, Crunchyroll is more than enough for this show.

+ Good dialogue

What I didn’t like:

The episode was short, but there were too many minor annoyances in such a short time frame. Maybe they’re just personal preferences, though. It’s still a solid release.

– Few annoyances

Rating: 4… out of 5.

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