Translation review: [Aho-Taku] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 01

Last in the Sakurasou line was by the joint of EveTaku and Ahodomo. They sure took their time.

I guess “tragic” works… Though I don’t really like it.

Heh. Instead of making no sense whatsoever by killing the puns, they decided to change them. Welcome to my Joshiraku world! They changed the (totally irrelevant) words to olde English ways to say “me”, allowing space for his retorts too. I approve of this.

Yes. Yes!

And then sensei. I expected better.

I approve.

Alumna is OG. He says OL, which stands for “office lady”.

The script is awesome.

I lost it.


The ending’s fine too.

Conclusion: Great

Easily the best release out there. Over nine thousand times funnier than the rori release, though it really took them ages to get it out.

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11 thoughts on “Translation review: [Aho-Taku] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 01

  1. Oh wow. Then I think I’d have to wait for their release instead of rori’s. That’s fine. As always thanks for these reviews 🙂

  2. >Oh, Junior
    Yeah, I think I’ll stick with rori. I find it hard to believe that no one in either of those groups thought that sounded stupid. I know they were going for a literal translation of “kouhai”, but it just comes off as sounding like she’s calling him a kid (for lack of a better term) rather than him simply being in a lower grade. I don’t think transliteration is the best way to handle it, but I do think it’s better than what they did, since it is one of those “weaboo words” most people in this subculture know. I don’t know; I’m probably alone in this opinion.

    • You are not alone. I’m not going to get up on a soapbox here, but I’ll give my two cents. Animation is art, and a work of art is a part of a culture; I think learning from and embracing part of that culture is an enriching experience. Both English and Japanese have experienced foreign words entering it’s lexicon, and have a broader way of communicating as a result. I mean, look at English. How many words do you use on a daily basis that are Latin, Greek, or Norman French (to name but a few)? Lots of them. How many words, just by acceptance and acculturation does English get from the Japanese. Lots of them.
      In this respect, it seems rather ham-fisted to put English words into a context that is not necissarily ill-fitting, but would be better expressed as the native language. I mean, it’s not like it takes a History lesson, and is no more complicated than learning directions to the pub. Thanks for your time.

      • If you want the native language experience, learn Japanese.

        It’s absolutely hilarious seeing people write huge paragraphs about all the deep nuance and meaning you miss out by translating words like “kouhai” when that is an absolute drop in the ocean compared to what’s lost by translating anything at all.

        In my opinion, if you can’t be bothered learning enough of the original language to be able to watch it as originally intended (hint: the way it was originally intended to be watched doesn’t involve subs of any kind) then just shut up and settle for a localisation written by someone who almost assuredly knows that language a whole lot better than you do.

        If you’re serious about learning from and embracing Japanese culture, then get real and actually do it. Learn the language. Visit the country and do some sightseeing. Go on an exchange program. There’s a million things you could be doing that are a million times more worthwhile and significant than viewing an entire country’s culture through the lens of a fucking cartoon.

        • Hmmm. I’ve seen this sort of language from you before. And it really shows what you actually know. I’m learning the language, I’m just not as good at is as you. I’ve visited, and the time there was far to short. My family has hosted exchange students. . I offer an honest opinion and nothing in my tone above suggests any lack of appreciation.

          I’m sorry my dozen or so sentences harmed your very delicate constitution. I notice it takes you three paragraphs to tell me to basically fuck myself. I won’t be returning the favour.

          Nah, I will. Your talent is quite good. I appreciate what you do for your sub-groups. But….grow up. That is all that this adult can say to a person that speaks as you do. Grow up.

          • At no point did I imply any lack of appreciation on your part (which wouldn’t even make sense since I don’t work on this show at any group), but you are entirely deluded to think that a show like this offers any kind of cultural value or significance.

            If you want to watch it with a bunch of simple words that you know left in Japanese, there are quite clearly many other people who will cater to your tastes. But don’t try and dress it up as some kind of noble goal that we should all strive towards when it’s nothing more than the circular self-satisfaction of a subculture.

  3. *shrug* We underestimated the difficulty/amount of TS. We’re upping our firepower in that area as well as reorganizing things internally to make the actual jobs get done in a smoother/faster fashion. This shouldn’t be a release that takes longer than 24 hours from now on.

  4. Hiryuu released OniAi a few days ago. Would you mind reviewing that too? I’m interested in how their TL stacks up against the others’.

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