Translation review: [Hatsuyuki-Hybrid] Vividred Operation 01


I doubt Akane ever dreamed of such a future, considering she grew up in it…


Nada? On the next line I’d use plural for “satellite”. One could hardly cover the whole globe.


I’m pretty sure that should be “doggy” or “puppy”.


It’s called “okra”.


Timing’s messed up here.


“… until we visit Mom next?”


If you want to sub these lines, put “heave-ho” and “whoops”.


Why 10 o’clock?


No. They’re denying it’s their doing.


That’s an awfully simplified way to put it.


Except that all grades are present.


Well, the words are all there, they’re just connected in the wrong way.


Cool typesetting. (It’s funny because it’s typeset a scene later.)


Steal it how?


Half a lifetime.


By this point the announcement is saying something completely different.


He’s calling the Alone a disaster. It can’t really “occur”.




It’s 金剛 (kongou, adamant, the name of the ship), not “main ship”.


“The enemy broke through the second line of defense.”


Even though the lyrics are really clear, there are some misheard words (that 用命ない made me chuckle).

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 6/10; Flow: 7/10; Atmosphere: 7/10

Days slower than the other releases, the collaboration of Hatsuyuki and Hybrid still has more translation and timing errors than the other two releases together. Some lines read quite awkward too.

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3 thoughts on “Translation review: [Hatsuyuki-Hybrid] Vividred Operation 01

  1. Nice review. I was just wondering if you could put corrections whenever you point out a mistake, so that translators or translation checkers might learn from their mistakes. Of course, I’m writing this from the same point of view, since I’m the song translator for this Hatsuyuki-Hybrid joint, and I did have my qualms about some sentences I couldn’t hear correctly, such as the one you pointed out.

    On another note, I already had the expectations that the Akane and Wakaba used in the lyrics were actually characters from the series, but as I just skipped the episodes to just translate the songs, I left out that context. Perhaps I should at least watch the first episode when translating opening and ending songs.

  2. About the “One-ko”, a note from the TLC:

    if you look at the writing on the bike it says 1-something
    and it's a pun on what you would write in japanese as "Number 1"
    no number isn't right
    the number's there for a reason

    The Okura mistake was realized after release.
    Thank you for the review; I will link it to the translator so he can improve.

    • Sure, it’s a pun, but it’s still rather Doggy than 1. Maybe Dogg1e could get the pun through but then again that’s cause massive butthurt in lots of viewers.

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