Translation review: [FFF] Sasami-san@Ganbaranai 03




I’d use some other phrase instead of “rough”. Something along the lines of “pathetic”.


I really dislike the word “pervert”. Though it is on the same line with “onii-chan”…


I really like this opening translation. It’s my choice of the three.


Translated 八百万の神々 (yaoyorozu no kamigami) as “Countless Gods”. I don’t mind.


Why is this not typeset? It’s static, even. This is a Shaft show…


Sicko. I like this word.


Instead of the too specific “physically weak”, I’d just put “and that took its toll on our bodies.”


天邇岐志国邇岐志天津日高日子番能邇邇芸命 or 天饒石国饒石天津日高彦火瓊瓊杵尊. The thing is, if you translate Yamata-no-Orochi as Great Eight-forked Serpent and Yaoyorozu as Countless Gods, then it would make sense to translate this “name” too. Especially considering that other than the Ninigi, it’s more a list of his titles than an actual name. Sure it’d take some effort to actually look up and choose an etymology, but that’d still make more sense to your average viewer than this.


She’s using the same pun construct as during the chocolate battle. This is a way to handle it as well. (Though personally I prefer what gg did.)


This one’s good.


At least they tried. Lines that have too much shouting over them are not done. Some are of dubious accuracy too.

Conclusion: Great

Accuracy: 8/10; Flow: 7/10; Atmosphere: 8/10

It’s a nice release with honorifics and common weeaboo vocab left untranslated. There are inconsistencies around localizing divine names. Some lines and puns are handled really well, while some others are just derp. I really like the opening song translation.

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