Reviewing is dumb

There’s not much point in reviewing things anymore. CR and Funi have simulcasted nearly every show, and I for one don’t see the point in comparing simulcast edits. Most people don’t even download them anyway. On the other hand, 8th has started reviewing translations again, which is pretty useful to see how good the simulcast is and if any of the original translations can stand up to them (spoilers: generally no). Besides simulcasted shows, there’s pretty much only Kyousougiga worth reviewing, and I work on that, so yeah.

tl;dr RIP in peace NRR.

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15 thoughts on “Reviewing is dumb

  1. While it’s sad to see NRR go, isn’t this actually a “good thing”? The days of having to actually figure out how badly off most translations are, mostly, gone. I’m still sure we’ll get shows like Joshiraku that won’t be simulcast. So, there’s still hope, but it’s going to be rarer.

    That’s good, but it’s a shift for everyone.

    And, hey, there’s still obsessive Monogatari re-edits that everyone can do, haha.

    • There’s still some bad translations, but no one really cares if CR’s translation is bad because they’d rather have a quick fix.

      • Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m perfectly willing to wait if it means I get a better release. I was perfectly happy sitting patiently for gg’s Attack on Titan even when it got delayed for weeks, for instance, because in my opinion it was the best release for the show.

        • Silly move since from what I heard, gg’s wasn’t the best release.

          Then again, people got super buttmad from the use of eoten, so I guess no point in trying to reason.

  2. I came for the Joshiraku reviews. Being able to laugh at the show, then come here for even more content to fill in the blanks, well that was an amazing thing.

    If another content-heavy show comes along, please return and give us your invaluable assistance on it.

    I’m not deleting my bookmark for this site.

    Thanks for all your work.

  3. Yeah, there’s not much point in reviewing editing, typesetting, etc because people are capable of judging those things perfectly well for themselves. A particular script might be hated by one person and loved by another, and short of nitpicking the rules of grammar and spelling there are few objective ways to judge, say, editing quality. I count myself lucky that I only wrote 4 reviews before realising it was a waste of time instead of 400.

    Translation reviews are useful, however, so I’m hoping people will continue to write those for whichever sites they want to.

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