Script/Typesetting review: [BuddyWaters] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – 10

With a new arc of Jojo comes new reviews*.

*timing may or may not be a coincidence

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_16.02_[2012.12.12_01.27.44]

I have no idea who this group is, but apparently the translation/editing isn’t terrible so I might as well review them.



Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_03.22_[2012.12.12_01.04.16]

This is a comma splice, I’m gonna have to dock points for it.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_03.32_[2012.12.12_01.05.46]

“officer” here should be Officer since he’s using it as a pronoun.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_03.42_[2012.12.12_01.07.10]

Not really a question as it’s currently stated. I’d change it to “So, uh, would you mind letting him and the wallet go?”

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_07.48_[2012.12.12_01.12.31]

More comma splicin’.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_11.21_[2012.12.12_01.19.08]

Remove the second comma.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_15.12_[2012.12.12_01.24.07]

to any->at one

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_15.32_[2012.12.12_01.25.06]

Add a comma after “Oh”.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_16.02_[2012.12.12_01.27.44]

It’s spelled callus. Although in this case it’s “calluses”.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_17.44_[2012.12.12_01.31.29]

I think you meant “Word”.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_19.33_[2012.12.12_01.36.18]


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - 10.mp4_snapshot_20.14_[2012.12.12_01.38.06]

Cost me time taking this screenshot pointing out your error 🙁


What typesetting?


Editing: 3.5/5. Pretty solid. There are some silly errors, but most of the lines are quite good and flow very naturally. Also, I had no idea what “hamon” was until I asked someone. gj.

Typesetting: F.

Timing: Terrible.

If someone just handed me the script and I could ignore everything else, this would be a pretty good release. Sadly, a fansub is much more than that. If the people who worked on this learned how to time, typeset, encode, style, etc. this would be quite a good release (though I haven’t watched any of the others yet).

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10 thoughts on “Script/Typesetting review: [BuddyWaters] Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – 10

  1. Buddy Waters is actually one dude who did all the work himself and released it less than 8 hours after the show aired

      • Actually, I did increase the font size by 10 points, since the default is hilariously tiny.
        Otherwise it looked fine, so I didn’t bother fucking with it.

        I hope to god I don’t normally leave THAT many typos in there (calluses is particularly eye-gouging) but I appreciate the feedback, good and bad.

        After some constructive criticism on the first episode I am breaking up longer lines more often. Seems like a clear improvement, wish I’d noticed it myself before I started releasing these weekly.

        • i think you’d be better of just finding someone with experience to time/typeset/encode for you

        • I’d recommend at least linking your lines more often or running TPP on the script after you time it. It’s pretty distracting to the eye to have the lines blink on and off so often.

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