Winter plans

Considering that in the following weeks most of the autumn shows are reaching their end, I think it’s time to look at what winter’s got for us.


First and foremost, I’ll be doing Vividred Operation. It’s Strike Witches grade of moe and sci-fi, so I’m totally up for it. The only problem is that it airs on Thursdays, which means two shows a night (since Robotics;Notes is two seasons).


And another red show, about a devil queen and a hero, Maoyuu. This will be airing on Fridays, which also means two shows that night (since Shinsekai Yori is two seasons as well).

That would be it… Long shows will go on to next season (Robotics;Notes, Shinsekai Yori, Magi), and I’m only picking up this two anew. I’ll be very busy anyway (exams, looking for a job and so on), so I’m kinda happy I can keep most of my week free this way. Of course I won’t be doing them if they are simulcasted (if the cast is at least a day late like Robotics;Notes, then I’m in).

I’m looking forward to next season!

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14 thoughts on “Winter plans

  1. >Strike Witches clone
    Ugh! You should be arrested solely for posting that picture. (Luckily for you they don’t arrest people for having a shitty taste. LOL JK.)

    Except for the SHAFT/Shinbo show, winter season doesn’t look that promising.

  2. “Devil queen”? Is that the name you’re using or just a description? It’s better than “Dark Lady”, at least. Please don’t use “Dark Lady”.
    Anyway, good of you to pick that show. There’s not a whole lot of others I have hope for. Thank god my fall favourites (sans Kaibutsu) are still on.

  3. “First and foremost, I’ll be doing Vividred Operation.”
    Fuck yeah. I instantly recognized that ass but confirmation in post is nice as well.

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