The End of the World

By the time you could be reading these lines, the world might be over, but of course in that case you’re not reading these lines at all, making them utterly pointless.

The End of the World

Did the world end in a flash, or did the end of the world just start today? It could be that somewhere in a laboratory an Azerbaijani cognitive scientist just proved scientifically the existence of psychokinesis, thus opening the gates of Apocalypse.


Or did some evil organization use solar flares to annihilate 90% of humankind and lower the rest into livestock-like slavery? If you’re in that remaining 10%, I hope you’ve prepared some sunscreen, because if the Sun is going to start swelling on its way to its death, you’re definitely gonna need it.


Did a young arms dealer girl just use a quantum computer named after a mythological snake to crash every single aircraft around the globe at once and disrupt all digital communications?


Did Marii wake up?

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5 thoughts on “The End of the World

  1. > Did Marii wake up?

    jorm in a few hours, right? someone said you were partying so jorm got delayed 🙁

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