Worst Anime of the Year 2012: Kokoro Connect

It’s bad.

Plot: D

Balloon Vine Heartseed is a stupid plant who likes to make high schoolers do some shit like body swap or read each others’ thoughts. The body swapping part was fine, but every new phenomenon since has had no direction whatsoever.

Here are Orcus’s thoughts:

[16:35:33] <&Orcus> The animators must have gone to the Hobbit
[16:35:43] <&Orcus> And thought “I like the way that is padded out”
[16:36:03] <&Orcus> Because they’re having the SAME REDUNDANT CONVERSATION AGAIN
[16:36:54] <&Orcus> STOP THIS MADNESS
[16:37:32] <&Orcus> The lowest point of this show
[16:37:41] <&Orcus> Was when they all turned into children

My thoughts?


This applies to all the episodes.

Characterization: D

Let’s explain everything a million times because the audience must be retarded as fuck if they actually enjoy this show. The characters basically take turns dictating their feelings. The thought transmission part was entirely redundant because they wear their emotions on their sleeves. There’s no subtlety involved whatsoever.

Visuals: B

It looks like K-On!, and uh… yeah. The designs are fine, but there’s a lot of QUALITY moments if you look at characters in the background. It’s sad the best designs are reserved for background characters.

Sound: ???

I think I listened to the opening once. Don’t remember anything, though.

Subs: A+


I tried my best, Commie faithful, but I failed. Can you blame me though? There’s no way I could save this show. If you unironically watched rori, I don’t hate you. I just pity you for having such shit taste.


Other contenders were Accel World and Hyouka.

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20 thoughts on “Worst Anime of the Year 2012: Kokoro Connect

  1. The show was so prosaic I watched another, more action-packed show while subbing it just so I wouldn’t fall asleep.

  2. I was in agreement until
    >Other contenders were Accel World and Hyouka.
    oh no you didn’t.

  3. Definitely not the worst. The first and last arc were really great, but the middle ones were pretty stupid. There were way worse anime, but I guess then it wouldn’t be so obvious you were trolling. Good job throwing Hyouka in there at the last second just in case it wasn’t clear enough.

    • I agree the first arc was great, but I have some issues with the last one. Mainly how Iori forgot everything good that happened between her and Inaba and how the others insisted she go back to “normal” when Taichi and Inaba, at least, really could’ve known better. I’m also not quite convinced by Taichi’s switch and his and Inaba’s share of the epilogue really could’ve been extended if they’re not planning to adapt any more of the novels. I can’t be the only one that liked them more than the rest of the cast combined. As for the middle arcs, I think the second one really could’ve used some more comedy and maybe an episode less while the third one was surprisingly decent considering the dumb gimmick.

  4. I didn’t want to drop it 8 episodes deep, but couldn’t force myself to watch another episode of this garbage. Totally agree.

  5. wrong, it’s not worst just overrated. If you want the worst anime watch Tekyu & ai-mai-mi

  6. I feel like you’re trolling (pretty bad) with this post, but at the same time you’re not. Either way, you fail on both accounts.

    As a certain FF MC would aptly put it, “whatever.”

  7. For what it’s worth, I actually like this show. Mostly.

    It has however given me an irrational fear of chalkboards.

  8. At least it was better than Ano Natsu, if nothing else. I still don’t know if I should submit myself to watching the last four episodes or not tho.

  9. Completely. Agree. The first 5 episodes were great(this is when the body swapping phenomenon). Next to it way to the ending? FU**ing Sucks. I think they exaggerating the drama, romance complication, and shit. It becomes boring. When i watched the some first few episodes, i thought: “This gonna be one of the best anime ever!!”, when i continue and watch the other, i’m disappointed as hell. And i agree with Hyouka and Accel World.

  10. The funny thing is I first saw this anime on the list of greatest anime of 2012. I do think it began to repeat itself but it was good in my oppinion. I’ve seen worse.

  11. This show was the WORST. Sure the first few episodes were great but what I hated the most was the ending. I’m so disappointed!!

  12. guys did you really watch it to the end. this is one of the best romance anime that i watchen just because it doesn’t suit your taste doesn’t mean its the worst anime.

  13. I don’t think it’s the worst. It’s plotis slow and mellow and redundant at some parts, but the first and last aarcs are good.

    I specially love Taichi and Inaba. This anime actually dwells on teenage identity confusion, So the constant drama is expected. I agree with you at some parts. But, I think you’ve reviewed the anime at face value. I hoped you’ve dugged deeper.

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