Translation review: [Anime-Koi] GJ-bu 01


Good. Note here that づ is usually transliterated as zu and not du. For quite obvious reasons.


Quite a few mishearings in the opening lyrics. The translation isn’t bad.


The anime’s title is a pun, and this episode’s is as well. GJ-bu is pronounced “good job”, while it’s the name of the club.


It might be relevant that they’re sisters.


“He defeated the English national champion in a match for the world champion title.”


Like this.


お裾分け (osusowake) is not “side dish”.


Her brothers are stopping her. And her brother called Roku eats cup ramen 7 times a day.


“It’s a predator spider that doesn’t spin webs.”


“… because of their ominous looks.”


As far as I can hear, he says “Where did you live, South America?” and nothing about being traumatized.


“Our.” They’re sisters.


This line isn’t needed.


Joke lost.


It’s the opposite. The strong share (give) food to the weak. This messes up the whole scene.




The part about him always looking around (restlessly) (kyoro-kyoro) is missing.


There are a few mishearings on the first lines, but the rest is fine.

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 6/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

It’d be a nice release, just there are a bunch of translation errors that ruin the picture.

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8 thoughts on “Translation review: [Anime-Koi] GJ-bu 01

  1. Thanks for the reviews; this wasn’t a clear decision between evetaku and anime-koi because I don’t know that much Japanese. It’s too bad I’ve already watched 3 episodes of anime-koi subs since their translations seem less accurate.

  2. One sec, my friend, why that review is based on the ver1 and not ver2. It is not doing us fair now.

    • Nice English.

      Looking over the differences between your v1 and v2, I’ve found that you’ve done the following:

      a) you added karaoke effects for the OP/ED.
      b) you edited the timing and wording for three lines (at 6:25, 11:18, and 15:24). only one of these appeared in vale’s review.
      c) you reworked the conversation between 18:12 and 19:09.

      Will a re-review change much in the way of your TL score?

      Furthermore, if the point of these TL reviews are to assess the accuracy and quality of a release’s translation, I don’t see the point of reviewing a seven day late v2. You could have looked at my release, and changed accordingly, or had somebody else inform you that your TLs were wrong. Those outlets may not be there for later episodes, so the score for your 1v2 may not be a good representation for the rest of your releases.

      Of course, that implies the bigger question of “why not review every release for every episode?”, but that’s a different question.

      inb4 tl;dr

  3. I can see what are you heading with that comment but I won’t go there.
    Puddi, to make things clear w0lf simply messaged me after watching the release one day later saying he found mistakes and he asked for v2, hence you got the v2 and as for the second part the answer is no, why would I ever check your release when I trust w0lf work more than yours, he has more experience in fansub than you. You should know that better than anyone since you work with him.

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