Translation review: [EveTaku] GJ-bu 01


I’m kinda impressed they typeset most of it. The English signs are a bit too small though (even compared to the Japanese) and none of the solfege is transliterated.


This opening made me chuckle. I think there are a few misheard words, but I don’t think I could’ve done any better myself.


I find it amusing that he says “manga for girls” and “manga for boys”, and it’s “translated” as shoujo (shounen) manga…


Translating 健全 (kenzen, healthy) as “better” is… uh.


Ouran Host Club? Tokimeki Tonight? Sure, shonen.


I know it’s hard to make a normal sentence out of a Japanese one that’s cut in half, but in this case I’d rather go with “I don’t think a beginner’s guide would make my chances better…”


I think he’s telling her “to bite it or something”.


“Our.” They’re sisters.


Joke totally lost.


Nope. Not 相性 (character), but 愛称 (nickname).


I skimmed the ending and it seemed fine.

Conclusion: Great

Accuracy: 8/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

While I’m not so happy with the phrasing at points and some jokes aren’t well handled (in an anime where the title itself is a pun), it’s good enough for me. Some of the typesetting was bugged too, but I’m not stupid enough to point that out while using VLC.

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One thought on “Translation review: [EveTaku] GJ-bu 01

  1. Question:
    >Recreating scenes from manga with my “friends” is so much fun.
    >They’re on a completely different level than the guys in my class, with their silky hair.
    that’s from the opening.

    Do you know why the quotation marks are there?

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