Script Review: [Commie] Dokidoki! Precure – 02

Thank you based vale.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_18.23_[2013.02.10_17.38.20]


f/a/ggotry: 1/5 – ┬áNot gay at all. No honorifics, English translation for opening and ending.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_06.09_[2013.02.10_17.14.28] [Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_06.11_[2013.02.10_17.14.33]

I’d wreck her too, if you know what I’m sayin’.

This is an example of some good dialogue – something you’d expect two rival villains to say to each other.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_07.43_[2013.02.10_17.16.35]

Look at those bug eyes.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_08.02_[2013.02.10_17.17.17]

It would also be okay to say “and that’s what matters.”

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_08.52_[2013.02.10_17.18.42]

Look at all these appropriate contractions. Good job!

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_10.02_[2013.02.10_17.20.14]

This isn’t like “don’tcha” where you can combine the words into one. “See ya” is usually seen as two separate words.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_10.26_[2013.02.10_17.20.59]

Oh goodness, more good contractions? It’s like a native English speaker looked at the script. Well, I heard some people don’t consider Iowans native speakers, so…

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_11.30_[2013.02.10_17.23.27] [Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_11.32_[2013.02.10_17.23.50]

airco missed his period. Who’s the lucky father?

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_14.11_[2013.02.10_17.28.46]

“Be honest with me” isn’t how most people end this phrase. It’s more like “you know you can tell me anything.”

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_15.02_[2013.02.10_17.31.27]

Look at that quality.
Oh, the dialogue fits perfectly, too.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_15.41_[2013.02.10_17.32.54]

This should obviously be “Go buck wild!” (Note: This is sarcasm.)

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2013.02.10_17.44.25]

I think Precure can be pluralized as Precures. It would certainly make the line sound better.

[Commie] Dokidoki! Precure - 02 [D3D815D2].mkv_snapshot_23.57_[2013.02.10_17.45.12]

What are italics?

TL;DR? It’s good.

Dokidoki! Precure is a kids’ show, so you’d have to be retarded (or Doremi) to fuck it up. You’d also have to be ret/a/rded to choose Doremi over Commie for this. The dialogue is much ┬ámore natural, and most importantly, it makes sense.

inb4 Commie bias

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12 thoughts on “Script Review: [Commie] Dokidoki! Precure – 02

  1. “I think Precure can be pluralized as Precures”
    I disagree, for example if we were buds down on our luck I’d say to you, “Let’s be Trashmen together!”. It works in that way.
    I believe no other fansub for the cashcow has pluralized Precure the way you suggested, if you care about that.

    Also just wanted to ask, Vale/airco are you avoiding naming the fairies after their actual playing card counterparts because Charles > Sharuru > Cheryl is dumb or you just unaware? Thanks.

    • Nope, just going by what was here when the episode aired. I’m pretty sure some of the info about the fairies came out after (at least, I didn’t see it until then).

    • Brain’s not wrong about the pluralization, and I think I used “Precures” earlier in that episode to boot. In your example, you used the plural form of trashman – you wouldn’t say “Let’s be trashman together!”, would you? But the reason most other groups don’t pluralize Precure (and why I didn’t think to do it for that line) is because Japanese doesn’t have distinct plural versions of their nouns (outside of appending “-tachi” to the end of it or using a modifier that explicitly says how many of an item there are), so “Precure” can be either singular or plural based on context, even when it would be pluralized in English. But it’s a Japanese word (well, wasei, if not nonsense), so people just use Japanese pluralization rules.

      I avoided Precure threads before Doki’s airing, so I didn’t know a lot of the prerelease information (I didn’t want spoilers, either for the new show or for Smile, which I planned to eventually catch up on). I only found out about the playing cards after we released episode 2, and I only saw Davi’s. If the rest of them really do have official romanizations, then I’ll gladly use those. I’d prefer to see actual scans to be sure, though – I don’t want to change a wrong romanization to an equally wrong one. On that note, how official are the localizations of the villain names? Do they have trading cards too? There seem to be differing opinions on whether the third Selfish general is Bel or Pel.

      And Erika da best.

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