Haiyore! Nyarlko W Episode 2 Parody List

So, out of whim, I’ve decided to test my knowledge on anime/live action shows in Nyarlko episode.

I’ve done it the past with first several episodes of the 3rd season of Nyarlko and the last episode of Nyarlko W on commie’s IRC channel.

I know that someone else is keeping a nice log of parodies with pictures and detailed explanations, so I won’t try to be detailed on my list. Rather, this is like a scratch paper that I scribbled my thoughts on the parodies (and potential parodies) I found during watching the episode. (I’m just being lazy about making this look nice, but whatever)
Just skim through it and enjoy the wealth of useless knowledge that Nyarlko anime is packed with.



(I ignore all the Cthulhu references, btw)
(also, if you can’t read the Japanese, just look at the time to match with the video. I don’t think I can translate them the way you will see on subtitle in video, so I just leave them be. You can use google image search on the term to get a sense out of it. )

So, here goes.


Nyarlko W Ep.2 Parody List

圧倒的な性能に心奪われる/ まさしく愛 (attouteki na seinou ni kokoro ubawareru/ masashiku ai)
Gundam 00’s Graham Aker on Gundam Exia

邪神波(jyashin ha)
Referencing 妖怪アンテナ(youkai antenna), which  is one of Gegege no Kitarou’s abilities to detect youkai

Those background buildings look familiar, but I can’t make sense out of it


The statues in front of the pyramid
The statues are something really famous one that actually exist. I forgot the name of it, but whatever

一人ぼっちはさびしいではないですか (hitoribocchi wa sabishii dewa naidesuka)
一人ぼっちは寂しいもんな(hitoribocchi wa sabishii monnna) is a line of Anzu in Madoka Magica

The library structure
Seems like that from Negima or ROD?

The doll of black cat
Hikonyan is the cat-samurai mascot of Hikone

ウス=異本 {usu i hon}
Yiu-th variants of manuscripts in Cthulth

Rare, Very rare, Super rare, Victory
The first three reminded me of YGO trading cards, but what’s the last Victory refers to? I bet it’s Duel Master, which has Victory in the title of the anime series.

夢見る空舞う恋する文学少女 (Yume miru sora mau koi suru bungaku shoujyo)
So many characters apply to this. Like, Ayase Yue. Or combination of popular Touhou characters etc. There probably is a specific reference that I don’t get.

はての国 (hate no kuni)
hate also means question mark in Japanese. It probably is parody of a book, like Japanese title of Never Ending Story etc. Or, it can refer to the economics book called Black Swan, in which it talks about outliers.

The library stairs
Reminded me of stairs in Gothic

大きさが重要なのではない (ookisa ga jyuuyou nano dewa nai)
大切なのは先端部分 (taisetsu nano ha sentan bubun)
/// (well, not exactly a parody, but yeah, pretty generic phrases)

見えるか見えないか(mieruka mienaika)
referencing 絶対領域= area between short skirt and knee socks.

これまで世界を動かしてきたといっても過言ではない (koremade sekai wo ugokashitekita  to ittemo kagon dewa nai)
Rothschild family

毎日牛乳5リットル (mainichi gyuunyuu 5L)
No idea, but it must be on something.

せらえのくん (seraeno-kun)
~kun is used as part of common nickname for library search service system.

青春の後ろ姿を人はみな忘れてしまう(seisyun no ushirosugata wo hito wa mina wasurete simau)
A lyric of a song called あの日に帰りたい(ano hi ni kaeritai) by Matsutouya Yumi.


それにまだ我々はチョコパフェとか、イケメンとかガチで夢中になれるお年頃~(soreni mada ware ware wa choco parfait toka ikemen toka ni gachi de muchuuni nareru otoshigoro)

チョコパフェとか、イケメンとかマジに夢中になれる年頃なの (choco parfait toka ikemen toka maji ni muchuu ni nareru toshiroro nano) is lyrics of the ED song (Get you! Love love?!)of Futari was Puricure, the very first of the Puricure series.

長生きしたかったら~ (nagaiki shitakatta ra~)
too generic and commonly heard phrase

人生を面白くするのは、千の真実より一つの嘘 (jinnsei wo omoshiroku suruno wa sen no shinjitsu yori hitotsu no uso)
A line from Kamen Rider Denou

Book titles are obviously parodies of something that really exist.

邪心様のメモ帳 (jyashin sama no memo chou)
神様のメモ帳 (kami sama no memo chou)  is the LN series. It got animation, iirc.

troops in library and the their subsequent lines
図書館戦争 (tosyokan sennsou)(library war) is yet another LN series. It also got animation.

Reminded me of Tatakau Shisho, but I may be wrong. Or it just can be the reference to Philip K. Dick’s Crack in Space.

Flowers of chamomile
Direct reference to 図書館戦争 (tosyokan sensou)

The bad guys
Cyclone and Joker in Kamen Rider W.

最初からクライマックス (saisho kara climax)
Line of Momotaros Kamen Rider Denou. I believe there was this exact line in season 3, ep.1.

I omit the reference to Nyarlko and Kuuko’s weapon since they were mentioned in the previous season.

Black guy diasssembling
Reference to Turn X in Gundam Turn A?

That red magic circlet and how it moved
Again, Kamen Rider Wizard’s

勝利条件が本を傷つけない/バクチ/ アタックが1 (syouri jyouken ga hon wo kizutsukenai/bakuchi/ attack ga 1)
Reference to FFT, in which there is a condtition for win the battles? I’m not sure

宇宙警備隊/光の国の戦士 (Uchuu keibitai/ hikari no kuni no senshi)
Reference to Ultraman series, where they are called as such.

Mahiro’s hand movement
Maybe something to do with Hokuto no Ken? Just a speculation though.

net slang for abbreviation of わくわくてかてか(waku waku teka teka), an informal phrase for showing excitement.

Nyarlko’s scream. デュナメス (Dynames)
Gundam Dynames in Gundam 00

超いいスペシャルな最高の炎でフィナーレ (chou ii special na saikou no honoo de finale)
A line in Kamen Rider Wizard.

The pose of Kuuko to put on an imaginary ring
Also a referene to Kamen Rider Wizard.

委員長の一存 (iinchou no ichizon)
reference to 生徒会の一存(seitokai no ichizon), the LN series that got animation. His pose is from the same series? Or it could be something else’s

はじめてのあーんは涙の味 (hajimete no a-n wa namida no aji)
はじめてのキスは涙の味(hajime te no kiss was namida no aji)  is a lyric of a Vocaloid song, 初めての恋が終わる時 (hajimete no koi ga owaru toki). But it’s pretty generic phrase too.

トラブルはいつもダークネス (trouble {ToLove} is always darkness)
ToLove Darkness is the second season of ToLove.

宇宙邪神 (uchuu jyashin)
reference to Ultraman series, in which those monsters are called 宇宙怪獣 (uchuu kaijyuu)

ヘブン状態 (heaven jyoutai) in DS game, Duel Love?
{… lol. If you get what I mean on the relevance of the time and the scene, you know Japanese well enough}

愛のチャンピオン号 (ai no champion-gou)
ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsRwZ_EiGpo   Add h on the top of the url to view it
スネークマンショー (snakeman show) is a Japanese radio/comedy group (1975-1983)

What is Nyarlko screaming here? Must be something.

周囲ヘックスに与える支援効果/少年が近くにいると、命中率と回避率にプラス100パーセントの補正がかかる (syuui hex ni ataeru shien kouka/ shyounen ga chikaku ni iruto meichuuritsu to kaihiritsu ni plus 100% no hosei ga kakaru)
Sounds like Super Robot Wars series to me.

ほかの人達からは見えてない (hoka no hitotachi kara wa mietenai)
The invisibility on the “vehicle ” is referencing Ron’s father’s car in Harry Potter?

ご都合主義な結界 (gotsugou syugi na kekkai)
So many things apply to this, but first thing that came to my mind was that of Shana.


さーて来週の~/すっかり~/ さて次回は~/ 他2本で etc (sa-te raisyuuno~/ sukkari~/ Sate jikai wa~/ Hoka nihon de~)
reference to preview narration of サザエさん(sazae-san), an old, and still airing, anime series.

びくびくびくりんじゃんけん~ (… jyankenn~)(rock-scissors-and-papers)
reference to the line in transformation sequence of Cure Peace in Smile Precure. The original line is ピカピカぴかりん じゃんけんポン♪ キュアピース!(pika pika pikarin jyanken pon♪ Cure Peace!) Also, サザエさん(sazae-san)’s preview also does じゃんけん~ (jyankenn)(rock-scissors-and-papers)  at the end of the preview. So I guess this is the mix of those two.

That’s all I could find from going through the episode once.

I’m sure I missed a bunch, but I’m sure other people will fill the rest in at somewhere else, along with nice pictures and thorough explanations for all of them.

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10 thoughts on “Haiyore! Nyarlko W Episode 2 Parody List

    • That would be great. I probably should do them myself, but I’m getting increasingly lethargic.

      • It’s not my blog. Also this one doesn’t list Divi-Dead reference and that’s why that blog is superior.

        • >superior
          Do you really have to go that way? I’m writing up the notes for the last episodes of Nyarlko as we speak and I keep running into references that neither NyaruRef nor even ステマ mentioned.

  1. Here’s a reference I found:

    Dialogue: 0,0:10:27.02,0:10:29.08,Default,nyarko,0,0,0,,I failed.
    Dialogue: 0,0:10:29.08,0:10:31.31,Default,tamao,0,0,0,,I wonder what went wrong?
    Dialogue: 0,0:10:31.66,0:10:34.22,Default,nyarko,0,0,0,,Should I strengthen my Blast element
    Dialogue: 0,0:10:34.22,0:10:36.94,Default,nyarko,0,0,0,,and go for a partial explosion?

    This is a reference to Monster Hunter. Certain weapons have “blast element”, or “slime” in the English version. Basically, said weapons cover enemies with an explosive slime that blows up after awhile. The explosion can easily “break” parts of monster. Rather than “partial explosion”, I believe the line is referencing the breaking of monster parts. When you break monster parts, many of their attacks become less powerful or flat-out unusable. Since slime universally rapes everything, it turns the hardest of monsters into child’s play.

    tl;dr: slime/blast breaks parts; breaking parts makes shit easy so you won’t fail the quest (or in Nyarlko’s case, fail to get Mahiro’s affection).

  2. Dude you missing some part from kamen rider W
    since this is adapted the title from kamen rider W i bet it’ll be more kamen rider W’s parody
    well, 06:26 or so
    this part it obv from W, when mashiro tells some keyword like 3 words in a row was like what Shotaro hidari ( Main character of W ) did to Philip, he always asks philip when he got some clues and tell tell that exactly same like what mashiro did
    also the white library is philip’s vision when he searching some object to find refer from when shotaro has some clues then some white vision come like with white background, flying bookshelves etc

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