Translation review: [FBI] Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san Z 01

Let’s see what they got that blue for.


That really doesn’t sound right.


“Look out” is a bit too far from 絶体絶命 for my tastes.




Azazel speaks in a very thick dialect.


Not just any hairs, dingleberries.


I’d rather go with “fearful” instead of “strong” here. Strong comes the next line anyway as the explanation.


He goes into (vulgar) detail about how exactly her hands got “filthy”.


笑止 (shoushi) is this Moloch’s catchphrase. He keeps saying it all the time, but the translation is always different.


This song’s the opening theme from the second episode onwards. It’s not an easy one, but they handled it well.

Conclusion: Good

Accuracy: 9/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

The accuracy is great, but… Let’s admit it, this show is very hard to sub well. The characters all have very distinct ways of speaking, and conveying that in English is very difficult (I can’t do it either). For example Azazel’s Osaka dialect is so thick (and so vulgar) I’m sure people from Tokyo would have some trouble understanding him perfectly. You can get the meaning from the subs, but it’s arguable if in this show that’s the most important thing. I can laugh my ass off just listening to them talking – do the subs have a similar effect on you?

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