Translation review: [FFF] Red Data Girl 01v0


I think it’s necessary to point out that FFF apparently doesn’t have access to the premium niconico stream (unlike Commie) and are forced to use the horribad reencodes from other streaming sites. Of course this only applies to the v0 releases, but still.


That typeset text is just bad.


The second line of the weather forecast is still audible here. (Not to mention half of the first line was “abbreviated” too.)


Not “why” just “that”.


She doesn’t say when they are nor is it important.


Very literal and very weird.


I like this line.


I’m very tempted to say “You know how Izumiko’s not good with balls!” (Sarcasm mode off.)


Uh… I don’t think so.


No. Well, literally it could be that, but translation isn’t about the words. Even “Need some help?” would do.


It’s not that she doesn’t know – she clearly knows. She just can’t use it, as she explains.


It feels like her lines all miss the actual insult… She calls them out on how they “slack off” and that’s what she can’t understand.


That girl’s not Ayumi but Misa. A mishearing here.


He says Nakamura, not Nakano. (It’s even said again later in the principal’s office.)


She’s asking if her grandfather approved of Yukimasa’s ways (coming for her to the school in a helicopter). Her father said it himself that he sent Yukimasa, not her grandfather.


The Himegami is one specific goddess. “How can you possibly be the Himegami?!”


While I like the word “bumpkin” this line is way oversimplified.




To serve her. The next lines aren’t right either.


“It would’ve been nice if he’d done it (the training) here and not in Haguro.”


“You don’t know anything.”


“There was some really lame girl with braids (so I thought I should teach her a lesson).”

Conclusion: Avoid

Accuracy: 5/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 7/10

If only the video quality was the only problem with this release. The accuracy is really bad. It’s full of mistranslations and mishearings, though at least the English reads as English. Sure the sound quality’s just as horrible as the video, but that’s no excuse. Apparently for the v1 releases (using the tv airing) someone checks the translation and even the translator changed at some point, but you can’t possibly expect me to recommend this. Nope.

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  1. Just to clarify, the translator has changed for this show from episode 3 onwards, and the translations in episodes 1 and 2 have been fixed in the v1.

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