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道返 (chikaeshi) is the name of the giant boulder that Izanagi used to block the way back from the underworld. Just as the boulder blocks the “reverse path”, this spell locks in the target.


I can’t possibly not post this screenshot. Sasami’s talking about the typical tokusatsu superheroes here.


That’s a standard 駅弁 (ekiben), bento sold at stations or special trains (such as the bullet trains).


My best bet would be Honjo, Sumida, central Tokyo (東京都墨田区本所). First, there are three 回向院 temples, just as around that area. Second, there are blocks marked as 松井町, 相生町, 元町, all of which are in Honjo as well. Not to mention the countless names of nobles who all had their villas (下屋敷) there (内藤蔵, 内藤金一郎, 藤堂和泉, the many 本多 and 土屋). Note that judging from the names this map must be from the 17-18th century.


A god praying. What is this even.


What do we know about him? Juju called him a monster. Juju can’t kill him even though she had no trouble dealing with the Yagami sisters. Both Sasami and Juju call him their older brother.


Masochistic as that might be, I love translating text like this.


After Susanoo killed Orochi, he cut into its tail and the Ame-no-Habakiri’s edge got chipped. He was very surprised to find the Ame-no-Murakumo in its tail. This shows that the Ame-no-Murakumo, while being a sword more focused on defense and exorcism (as elaborated on in the episode), it’s still harder than the Ame-no-Habakiri.


Confer Greek/Roman mythology or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.


She refers to how she died before and yet she couldn’t rest in peace because of Sasami. Lucky the meme fits here perfectly.


Sadly it’s a common thing in Japan that hustlers call old people, pretend to be their grandchildren and ask for their immediate (financial) help.

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