Haiyore! Nyarlko 10 – notes and the like


The crawling part refers to the original description of Nyarlathotep. The Twelve Zodiac Temples appear in Saint Seiya. The Budokai is the “nickname” of the great martial arts tournament in Dragon Ball.


The Ludon Highlands from Romancing SaGa 2.


First, a pun on 困憊 (konpai, exhausted) and “compile”. Second, Compile is the company that released Puyo Puyo and Madou Monogatari. The “bayoe~n” is a spell from the former. The pink thing that falls down resembles a puyo.


(S)he literally says “I won’t play the pink bookmark”. This references Kamaitachi no Yoru, a sound novel game (and others of its kind) where if you read all the possible scenarios (symbolized by “bookmarks”) you get the pink bookmark, which grants you access to scenarios with “adult content”.


The colony dropping thing (illustrated a scene before) is from the first ever Gundam. The “small planet” should be “asteroid” since it refers to when Char planned to crash the asteroid base Axis into Earth in Char’s Counterattack.


She’s talking about the final maze in Dragon Quest 2. It only works in the original NES release though.


Let’s guess: niconico and pixiv. Note here: Isurugi’s (イス動) name is a mix of Yith (イース) and Isurugi (石動), a detective from Shunou Masayuki’s Black Buddha (黒い仏), a recent-year Chulthu myth novel.


What he says refers to the Neutron Jammer from Gundam SEED. The pose and the art are a homage to the Last Shooting artwork for Gundam.


The engineer of Space Battleship Yamato has a very similar (and very famous) line. Second, as you can probably guess, there is a Neutron Jammer Canceler in Gundam SEED.


Quotes a line by Kakugo from Apocalypse Zero.


That’s the AGE device from Gundam AGE. Yoichi’s VA also had a role in Gundam AGE (Largan Drace).


That thing looks just like the Moslavina Revolution Monument in Croatia.


This made me squid. (Shinryaku Ika Musume reference.)


In the novel it’s “great leader” (大首領), but he corrects himself to 大総統 (daisoutou) in reference to the President’s voice actor, who also did President Hell Saturn (in Solar Squadron Sun Vulcan), The Chief in Burn Up (thus “chief”), Nappa in Dragon Ball Z or more recently Daikaku Kokujouji in K. He’s the voice actor when it comes to chief villains.


Gendo says pretty much the same thing in Evangelion. Though I think the “everything is going according to keikaku (TL note: keikaku means plan)” meme from Death Note is more widely known in the west.


This is probably ridiculing the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths (and other similar laws). The design itself reminds me of the “pink in space” style of Mouretsu Pirates.


She replaces “man” with “alien” in the famous quote from the guy on the 10000 yen bill, Fukuzawa Yukichi (the bill is often just called “a Yukichi” after him).


I’m pretty sure this is a common template for death flag scenes, at least I definitely remember it from other anime. Googling showed me that it’s extremely common in fanfiction. It’s the kind of line that you know you’ve heard before, but it’s really hard to remember when or where. You can see similar scenes at the end of Scryed episode 12 or in KabutoBorg (there is a compliation of KabutoBorg depressing moments – similar scenes at 02:50 and 06:10). Big thanks to Nanu for pointing me to these!


Reference to Kamen Rider Fourze’s “Space yeah!” (宇宙きたー uchuu kitaa) catchphrase. The view of Earth from space in the next scene as well.


Reference to the Evangelion opening song, 残酷な天使のテーゼ (zankoku na tenshi no teeze). It’s one of those songs I sing every single time I go to karaoke.


She twists the usual “sorry for the wait” phrase (omatase) into omataseman, a reference to the song Omataseman no Uta (“song of the guy who makes you wait”) by Yamamoto Masayuki, which is in turn a parody of the opening song (also by Yamamoto) of Time Patrol Squad Otasukeman (in English known as Rescueman), titled Otasukeman no Uta (オタスケマンの歌, “song of the helping guy”).


That’s a blue AT field (a’la Evangelion). Nyarlko confirmed for the 19th angel. The movements she makes after turning around are Kamen Rider Fourze’s transformation sequence reversed.


And the Rondo To(wards) Destruction is one of the signature moves of Atobe Keigo from Prince of Tennis.


That’s the catchphrase of the Dekarangers (特撮戦隊デカレンジャー).


Dendrobium from Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory. Its name is mixed into the final line (でんでんでんぐり返ってバイバイバイ, “roll, roll, roll away and bye-bye-bye”) of the ending theme of Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi, an old MBS children’s program.


Yithka is playing Dragon Quest 2 on a Wii. Her team is Yithka, Yithurugi (Isurugi) and Tamao.


Why can’t I hold all these PapaKiki references? On that note, Yoichi’s VA did Yuuta in PapaKiki.


Reference to Shambler From the Stars, a Cthulhu myth (Deep Ones line) novel by Robert Bloch.

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