I faced the problem that most of the releases I review fell into the “great”┬ácategory. That is not meant to happen. Great was supposed to be only the best of the best, with close to no mistakes. Enjoyable scripts without any major fuckups.

I lost sight of this directive during earlier seasons when the bottom end of the quality scale was way further down than it is now (thank Hadena for that), but now that most of the releases are actually of decent quality, I decided to tighten the belt a little.

As a result, I have and will re-evaluate my reviews for this season (not earlier seasons though). Only really great releases can get the “great” tag. No critical errors, only a few minor derps and an overall good quality in other aspects. For releases that are steady but have a bunch of mistakes, the “good” tag is introduced. “Okay” is now just a passing grade.

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