The Hideauze – Gargantia notes

I noticed a few things in Gargantia that are probably worth pointing out.

Episode 1

Now compare this with…

Episode 2

How suspiciously similar.


So the lightbugs are a kind of nanomachine. This explains why they can provide the ships with energy, but not why the fish are addicted to them. In episode 2 Amy explained that the fleets can only “live” on the galaxy currents, and I assumed that it’s because they get energy from there, but I’m not sure anymore if that’s all there’s to it.


It was apparent during the battle scenes in episode 1 that the Hideauze all look and act like marine mollusks (except for the ability to shoot energy beams). They’re probably the result of those ancient nanomachines infesting marine life… But why?

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8 thoughts on “The Hideauze – Gargantia notes

  1. >>But why?

    Because Urobuchi that’s why.
    By the way, this similarity pointing to another direction. A time-traveling one. AFAIK Ledo get to Earth through wormhole. Hmmmmm, wormhole… Yep, it’s an old trick to set-up a time-travel story.

    Basically, the rest of the series will look like this:
    – Explanation about old wars, global warming and adaptive mutation in a new climate (or “alien theory” which Urobuchi loves so much);
    – Ledo finding out (probably, there’s another soldier from the future who guess it) that he stuck in the past and there’s no turning back;
    – Marine mollusks’ proliferation takes to new heights because of the Chamber’s beams -> big monsters rises from the ocean;
    – Ledo kill them and restore peace (or Urobutcher final, where almost everyone dies and planet got devoured by a newborn Hideauze).

    Sorry, my english is beyond shameful 🙁

  2. who cares about some Hideauze, lets focus on the PLOT, coz there were some really nice piece of PLOTS last ep!

  3. Huh. If that was the case, i wouldn’t be surprised.

    However, I highly doubt that it could be a time-traveling issues.

    Two things to point out:

    1) in the beginning of the anime, they spoke of losing their planets. then in the later ep, they spoke of how some humans escaped to the star

    2) Ledo, as most of you all probably figured out, is a clone, so to speak. If this was the case, then the human that escaped from Earth have probably graviated from Science manned environment to Military environment.

    3) And i wouldn’t be surprised if those nano were the results of the science experiment gone wrong. “Generator Rex” anybody? also, chances are, the nano are probably like plankton, designed and released in the hope of thawing out the planets.

    4) and don’t forget, Ledo DID mention something about Earth “dying” or disappeared. it could be that it frozed over due to what happen in the environment. “Voice of the Distant Star” anybody? O_o

    • lol…after watching Ep 9, i almost had thought of Wormhole being a possible time-travel tunnel, afterall, it supposedly be a hole in time/space, which if supplied and used properly, can be used to travel through time.

      Anybody ever watch StarGate?

      but then, it COULD be that humanity hasn’t learn to live along side with things, what with our need to rationalize things or putting them in perspectives. probably have to do with how we’re raised, the environment and society. if we were to create a society with no religion and science, chances are that it’ll be a society capable of thinking differently. after all, society is what makes it goes? and aren’t we bounded by our limited thinking?

  4. At around episode 12 (SPOILERS) I started to think that the second half of the series is the humans realizing that they need the Hideauze, because without them, humanity dies, as they produced all the electric bugs that human beings rely on for basic necessities. Having killed off all the Hideauze, Ledo realizes he either has to start turning humans into Hideauze, or go on a “LETS TRIGGER WILD HIDEAUZE ORGY PARTIES” to save humanity, and somehow informs the rest of humans from outer space how necessary the Hideauze are. As such, he forces peace, because without the mutual cooperation between Hideauze and humans, human beings would fall.

  5. The setting in most episodes is planet New Texas, which is in a planetary system containing three suns. The system is located 600 parsecs (=1956 light-years ) from Earth. New Texas has a large desert, and the entire planet does not have much water. Much of the food and water supply is imported. There are no oceans, but there is one wetland area on the planet which is the home of “apecats”. Water is also found in Aqua-Pods, which are cactus-like plants. The planet’s natural resource is Kerium, which is extremely valuable and powerful. A small amount of Kerium can supply large amounts of energy to a spaceship. As a result, everybody (including outlaws) wants Kerium.

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