Translation review: [Asenshi] Mekakucity Actors 01

We’re back and rolling!

We're back

First off, Asenshi’s Mekakucity Actors!


This is just so awkward. “Though we still get to meet more than in the old days.”


“Never mind, it’s fine. You’re not the only one.”


I think this comes from the CR script, because it’s common in most releases for the show. I think she’s not necessarily talking about herself, more like about the people (who forgot) themselves. How they “awaken” little by little (I imagine this somewhat like in Matrix) and find out more about themselves.


No. “More and more people hospitalized due to the heat.”


I really don’t like the phrasing of this line (though it’s not really wrong). Ene’s teasing is drowned in bad phrasing. (Not to mention his response in the next line doesn’t even match Ene’s sentence.)


Why would you pick up a Shaft show then leave out the background typesets?


Not right. I’d go with some more liberal sarcasm, like “Such a pro critic!”


How many ragers would there be if I said “cool story bro” fits in here almost perfectly?


There was no “previously” in the line she quoted (as it was translated there). Consistency?




Top-tier typesetting.


Why make it “until Obon ends”? She says “three days from now”.


Stud-NEET? Uh… huh?


I’d rather, “Are you trolling me?”


I don’t think scruffy is the right phrase here (she goes into detail)…

Conclusion: it’s watchable

Accuracy: 6/10; Flow: 7/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

The CR script is bugged with a bunch of mistakes, and those weren’t fixed (or maybe there were more, just these slipped through). The dialog just doesn’t read as natural as it could, and its tryhard seriousness is in sharp contrast with the take-it-easy original. You’ll get the main points of the story (except that intro scene), so if you’re an Asenshi believer, you can just stick to them and watch this release.

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  1. Sub Mekaku Vale. For the love of god do it so I can see how much buttmad there might be with internet slang and shit.

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