Translation review: [Cookie] Hakkenden 01


Could you make those subs even smaller? It’s not hard enough to read just yet.


The opening lyrics translation is overly literal at points but in general it’s fine. Some English lines are subbed, and some are not. I don’t know what that German line is doing there in the beginning either.


First time I see someone actually sub the sponsors screen.


I’m pretty sureĀ nushi isn’t its name but its title (as the lord or god of the pond).


Why not just put Uncle Toad?


If you put “spirits” anyway, why leave theĀ ayakashi there too? “The spirits are getting restless.”


“There are stray dogs or what?”


This is the curse of one-man sub teams: it’s close to impossible to edit one’s own translation well.


The name’s Yoshiro and not Yosuke.

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 6/10; Flow: 4/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

The translation isn’t really bad (though there are quite a few mistakes), but it’s still not enjoyable. First of all, it’s impossible to read with that font size, and the editing is… well, nonexistent. Full of awkward lines that only just get the meaning through.

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