Translation review: [UTW-Mazui] Nekomonogatari Black

Commie’s only other relevant contestant for Nekomonogatari is the collaboration of UTW and Mazui.


An early complaint, but I really dislike this choice of words. To me “aberration” is the corruption of something normal, while these creatures are fundamentally not normal. It’s difficult to put my finger on why it feels so wrong, but it does.


I can see why unhuman and not inhuman, but that doesn’t make unhuman an existing word.


She sucks blood without freezing it. Freezing blood ruins the taste.


How do you overcome a tale?


They beget?! This made me think of something very lewd.


For example in this case, it sounds like the girls engaged in some socially unacceptable activities. The girls’s aberrations would be something like a secret habit of shitting in the shower or something, and not supernatural monsters that attacked them. Make it “met/encountered (some) aberrations” if you want to stick with that phrase.


I’m pretty sure “combo” doesn’t mean the right thing in English. (This is why I hate it when Japanese use English words.)


Myaster? Maybe meowster…


I think that “ever since Golden Week, I have been unable to stand cats” is bad enough to kill an editor.

Sleep in

He’s not sleeping in, he’s gone back to sleep. And not all the time, but this occasion in particular.


I have no idea why this has to be phrased how it is.


No. “There’s nothing good about it”, regarding the whole Golden Week and not just the nine hours that’s passed already.


I still think that “what kind of” is about the discussion and not the love they are discussing.


This works.


As shocking as hearing a dog talk.


Cool translation.


A line before it was a magazine, how did it turn into a book now?


It doesn’t show… He mistook lust for love and because of that he got caught in an inflationary spiral of sexual frustration.

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 7/10; Flow: 7/10; Atmosphere: 8/10

This was unexpected. It’s one thing that the English reads like it was never edited at all, but there are translation bugs that I’d never expect to see in a release that had 4 elite translators working on it…

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4 thoughts on “Translation review: [UTW-Mazui] Nekomonogatari Black

  1. > had 4 elite translators working on it…

    Too many chefs spoil the soup. That probably explains the inconsistencies you noted above, although I guess the lack of proper editing is also a factor.

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