Vividred Operation – notes and the like

My only new show for the season is the greatest thing that’s happened to me since the Strike Witches movie. There are a bunch of things worth writing about in it.


I don’t know why every girl in this anime wears hotpants, but I definitely appreciate it.


The newspaper’s name is Maiasa, a mixture of Mainichi and Asahi, two of the three major Japanese national papers. The headlines are about the Manifestor Engine and the Energy Rain System.


The ship is called Abe-maru. Note here that Japan’s new prime minister is also called Abe.


Quite obvious reference to Suntory’s Boss coffee.


I’ve never seen a Japanese put mayonnaise on their rice. Akane must be a real mayo chick.


That is a very good question, you see. If you know, do tell me. (The white text on the curtain in the background reads “Isshiki Labs”.)


It’s an Osprey. It’s funny because the Japanese are very afraid of Ospreys crashing, and this one crashes too. Judging from the “Futaba” logos on it, Aoi’s family must be really rich to own planes and stuff.


The JDS Kongo is a real ship. Its name translated to “Adamant”. The fighter jets are probably all Mitsubishi F-15Js, though the shape of their wings is a bit off (looks more like an F-2) F-35s.


I wonder what programming language that is. The “case .. when” reminds me of Ruby.


Rang as short for boomerang. Let’s just ignore the fact that the screens that showed up before Akane said “nLang”.




One of the guys murmurs “Oh me God” here. That tipped me off that some of these ships might be American. The ship earlier with 82 written on it is the USS Lassen. Other ships I could identify: JDS Kirishima at 07:55, the JDS Myoko and the USS Stethem at 09:33, the USS Cole at 09:38, the USS Curtis Wilbur and the USS John S. McCain at 16:52


This scene of fighter jets flying in formation with little girls made me go “wee” to epic proportions.


Best line of the year.


One of the flower’s petals disappears after she shoots that arrow. That’d mean she only has 9 more shots.


Probably a reference to the Tennen Rishin-ryuu, a style of swordfight. It’s showed later on screen written as 天元理心流.


Because friendship is magic!


It has been decided that hereafter “vivid” will be used as a prefix, so “Vividred”, “Vividgreen”, “Vividblade” and so on.


So apparently each girl gets their own ending song. Can’t wait to see yellow’s and black’s.

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12 thoughts on “Vividred Operation – notes and the like

    • True. It didn’t occur to me because at present the JASDF has no F-35s (though they announced plans to buy dozens of them).

  1. Yep they look like F35s, the best fighter in the world.
    They’re probably talking about a spectrometer: or a spectrograph, used in astronomy to determine elemental composition of planets and stars.
    I burst into laughter when I saw that ospray, so many jokes from Joshi.
    That mayonnaise scene also reminds me of all the Hijikatan mayonnaise scenes from Gintama, so funny.

  2. >The “case .. when” reminds me of Ruby.
    It is, probably because that’s a Japanese language.

  3. Hm, is it okay if I ask if you’re still translating Shinsekai Yori in UTW or any other group? I haven’t seen any other post about notes or the like.

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