Script Review: [JK] Vividred Operation – 02

Leave it to EveTaku and GotWoot to come up with shitty joint names.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_03.45_[2013.02.10_23.39.24]

What was I talking about again?

f/a/ggotry: 4/5 – Really gay. Honorifics included; English translation, transliteration, and k-timing for the opening and ending.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_02.54_[2013.02.10_23.37.31]

I don’t think the grandpa is so stuck up that he wouldn’t contract “it” and “will” while talking.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_04.17_[2013.02.10_23.40.29]


Wow, the directing for this show is really good! I can’t place my finger on why, though…

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_06.00_[2013.02.10_23.43.34]

Mmm… Some quality CGI.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_07.20_[2013.02.10_23.47.01]

The show is licensed by Aniplex, so unless you’ve read the manga to know incarnate engine is the way to go, you should probably use the official terminology.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_07.45_[2013.02.10_23.47.34]

I’d love it if this was intentional on the part of the editor or translator, but I’m not sure if EveTaku or GotWoot have an editor. Still, this woman’s in a high enough position that she can get away without using contractions. You lucked out this time.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_07.52_[2013.02.10_23.47.45]

Excellent QC work.  That’s what the leechers are for, right?

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_13.05_[2013.02.10_23.56.24]

Hey, Bro! Good day, Sir. How are you, Ma’am? Sup, Dude? Fuck you, Bitch!

There’s no reason to capitalize “miss” here.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_14.34_[2013.02.10_23.58.53] [JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_14.38_[2013.02.10_23.59.00]

A+ dialogue.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_14.59_[2013.02.11_00.00.03]

That was just her penis.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_16.10_[2013.02.11_00.01.49]

There’s some symbolism in this scene. I’m sure of it.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_20.11_[2013.02.11_00.08.48] [JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_20.13_[2013.02.11_00.08.54] [JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_20.15_[2013.02.11_00.08.59]

This show is so unrealistic.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_21.04_[2013.02.11_00.09.56]

Excellent villainy dialogue. You missed the perfect opportunity to reference Scooby-Doo. You know I never would’ve missed it.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_23.32_[2013.02.11_00.12.35]

Once again, the joint’s resources are being put to excellent use. Luckily, I don’t give a shit about karaoke.

[JK] Vividred Operation - 02 [720p-Hi10P][6CAF6BDC].mkv_snapshot_24.23_[2013.02.11_00.13.46]

“I won’t lose!” would make more sense given the preceding lines. Otherwise, “I can’t lose”?

TL;DR? It’s good.

There were only two hilariously bad lines. It’s good enough otherwise. I only question why EveTaku and GotWoot decided to joint when neither has an editor or any quality control. Usually, groups form joints to fill roles current staffers don’t want to do. In their case, they could really use someone whose express purpose is contracting words.

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8 thoughts on “Script Review: [JK] Vividred Operation – 02

  1. Hey, Bro! Good day, Sir. How are you, Ma’am? Sup, Dude? Fuck you, Bitch!

    There’s no reason to capitalize “miss” here.

    I disagree. “Miss”, “Ma’am” and “Sir” are English honorifics and should always be capitalized. So should honorific titles like “Dr.” or “Senator”.

    “Bro”, “dude” and “bitch” are slang and should generally not be capitalized since the use of slang implies informality and a lack of respect. The primary exception would be if the speaker is using them as nicknames.

    Also “miss” without a capital reads like “fail to hit the target”.

  2. Since GG disabled the comments I have to ask here, are there going to be notes for the latest joshi ?

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