So it begins

Here we go

Lately I’ve been very busy. I’m looking for a job, so only last week I had about 4 job interviews. Needless to say, it takes lots of time and energy. When I’m not on a train to/from Osaka wearing a suit I’m probably translating something for you guys. I did intend to pick up lots of shows this season, but as always, reality exceeds the expectations. And in the rest of my time I was playing Skyrim as a way to relieve some stress (buggy as it is it’s still less annoying than playing League). Thus I had close to no time (or willingness) to write reviews or notes…

But that changes now. However, I translate (or am otherwise involved in) lots of shows this season, and I know too well how one shouldn’t review what they work on, so I called in some reinforcements. Let’s hope they’ll actually write some reviews too.

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6 thoughts on “So it begins

  1. Vale, I just drooped by to tell you, that you have shit taste in video games.

    Good day to you, and good luck at the interviews!

  2. Skyrim… isn’t exactly very therapeutic. I’d recommend something, but my memory fails me.

  3. Wow Vale, I didn’t know you lived in Japan!

    Best of luck with the job hunt.

    I live in Japan too. If you ever swing by Tokyo, please come say hi!

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