Translation review: [Doki] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru 02

Let’s all board the SNAFU train.


That font alone’s worth making a screenshot.


So now winter hibernation is a pastime. Okay.


If you decide to put the Japanese text there as well, at least match the romaji to it. Or vice versa. This applies to the ending as well.


I’m not sure if I should risk commenting on derpy English. Might prove to be more than what I can chew.


I like the idea of merging 41 and ice into 41ce, but that’s only because I know what she’s talking about.


While the release is surprisingly fine (so far), the translation of these polite apologies is a bit jagged. These phrases aren’t used in their literal meaning, they are just placeholders and/or apologetic phrases to cover up your embarrassment.


Am I really watching a Doki release? This is actually good…


The point is that she ends up reading between the lines even when she doesn’t consciously want to.


No need for those quotes. You don’t “quote” your own thoughts. (Not to mention there are no quotes around the next line, which is just a continuation of this sentence.)


I really don’t like notes like that, but if you can’t come up with a translation for the pun…


It’s the teachers’ “evil custom” to make students pair up with whoever they like. And how could he come to “like” anyone when his downfall might come at any moment?


Emperor Lelouch. Colonel Hughes. Dr Akane. Great Boddhisatva Hachiman.


As much as I appreciate that you use the gg-made phrase for 中二病 (chuunibyou), I doubt it should be capitalized.


I’m not okay with how this line is phrased.


First, this line is way too long. Split it up, please. Second, it still misses the Seiwa Genji name and the whole historical connection between them.


More like “You’re scarily good at leading people, dammit.”


He “misspells” the name of the Gungnir hammer.


He almost got fooled by her looks.


This joke is completely lost unless you translate the kanji separately.


At least get the name of the best girl right.

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 7/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 7/10

To be honest I never imagined that the day would come when I call a Doki release okay. But here it is…  The translation is fine, there are only a few lines that are really wrong (actually Yui’s monologue in the middle is what drops the release to “okay” grade). The editing has its ups and downs: some lines are great while others are… not so great. However, Doki releases 3-4 days after other groups, which might be more waiting than it’s worth.

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4 thoughts on “Translation review: [Doki] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru 02

    • Hachiman is still his name, and Great Boddhisatva his title. Titles come first (especially because Great Boddhisatva is not his unique title cf. 五大菩薩), even if the writer of Wikipedia doesn’t know that.

  1. I was surprised and impressed by Doki this season too… their Date A Live release, while a bit slow too, is arguably the best release for that show just as much as this is amongst the best SNAFU releases. Ganbare Doki! (and viva Anime-Index XD)

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