Translation review: [Circus-Hatsuyuki] Karneval 02


While the lyrics translation is fine in general, it doesn’t read as lyrics at all.


This is one of the rare cases where a literal translation of the line (“I’ll pump you full of lead”) would be better than… whatever they tried to do with this line.


“You owe me one.” “Oh man. I can see it’ll cost me dear.”


“Follow” isn’t exactly the right word. Maybe “chase” or even “target”.


This line just sounds so wrong.


I don’t like this line. Point is that they recorded the boys’ voice patterns to identify them by later. “Voice recognition has been calibrated”, maybe?


Why complicate it so much? “Our duty is to eliminate crime from this world.”


He’s saying that there’s no pattern (logic) to the murders.

Conclusion: Okay

Accuracy: 8/10; Flow: 6/10; Atmosphere: 6/10

The translation is mostly fine, but sometimes the phrasing is so awkward that the meaning gets lost underneath. You can definitely get the idea from these subs, but that doesn’t mean they’re an entertaining read.

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