Translation review: [Mekameka Subs] Mekakucity Actors 01


The meaning is there, but the phrasing is bad. This is representative of most of this release. The translation is there (I mean, as a translator I see what they’re trying to say and it’s correct), but the awkward English makes it near incomprehensible. If you’re such great fans of Kagepro, why not at least try to put out quality?


While I don’t agree with how they used “realize” here, I get it where they’re coming from: I think this is the right interpretation, not CR’s.


I guess they could fix the intro “dialog” because they know the background story, but here CR’s mess-up slipped through. 搬送者 isn’t “delivery men” here, it refers to people getting hospitalized (carried to the hospital).


Interpreting her line this way didn’t even occur to me. Interesting.


At least the “previously” fits here…


I don’t even remember when I last saw a TL note in a release.


Not “in any case” but “and if you’re at it anyway” for example.


“Lifeline” part missing.




Why do you use “realistic” like that?


Explaining what a food is in a TL note is acceptable (even if I disagree with it). But using it like this just because you’re lazy to translate a pun… Unforgivable! (Haha.)


Let’s give it a thought: does this make sense here? (No.)


The second line is just wrong.


“Sorry for troubling you”? Oh give me a break.


The other way around. Just scratch the “but, even if”.


Once again, the second half is wrong. Literally it’s “even if I had multiple lives” – referring to how he’d die before he could even lift a finger.


Completely wrong.

Conclusion: just no

Accuracy: 3/10; Flow: 2/10; Atmosphere: 4/10

Kagepro fans they may be, the folks working on this release should pick up their game. The translation is just outright bad (especially in the second half), and even when it’s not, there are no signs of editing whatsoever, so the script is barely even readable. The timer should take some time (haha) learning about the basics too. Don’t watch this release unless they pay you for it.

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