Translation review: [Anime-Koi] Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 01

No more

I guess handling the background lyrics any further was too much effort?


At least they tried. The translations could be better though.


Why no typeset on the right column here? It wouldn’t even need masking.


The way this teacher talks makes my brain hurt. Too bad the subs don’t reflect that.


Of course she has an idiosyncratic way of talking. Not there in the subs.


While this isn’t necessarily wrong, “sadist” has much different overtones in English.


Uh… huh?


She doesn’t mean “poor” as a measure of wealth, but in the sense of “pitiful”. Not a great choice of words.

Conclusion: dull

Accuracy: 7/10; Flow: 8/10; Atmosphere: 4/10

It’s dull. Most of the characters have some crazy way of talking, and the translation doesn’t reflect that whatsoever.

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